Advanced Dancers


(Ages 12 and older)

The advanced dancer is becoming more and more technically proficient which frees them to explore fully the artistic aspects of dance. S/he is seeking the challenge of the classics, as well as exploring other genres. They will put more and more energy into their movement and be willing to take risks with their dance, confident that they have the technical ability to be successful. They continue to rely on their teachers for correction and guidance. It is the responsibility of the teacher to continue to challenge the dancer.

Advanced dancers might begin to think of dance as a career either as a professional dance, a teacher, a choreographer – or all three. It is important that dancers talk with their teachers and parents about their goals and direction.

Dancers at this level will usually dance up to six days a week, with a daily ballet class along with tap, jazz, contemporary and other genres. They also are likely to participate in studio company classes and performances.

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