Emerging Artists


(Ages 7-11)

Dancers this age are discovering their artistry hand in hand with their technical ability. This is a time when dancers often become more committed to taking class, and parents should not be surprised to find an awakening of a dancer’s desire to perform. This is a very important time for dancers to learn how to work correctly through careful instruction and correction.

Students who are seven and eight years old will typically take one class a week in ballet and might express an interest in another dance genre, such as tap or jazz. By the time a dancer is 10, he or she will be taking two ballet classes a week and should take at least one additional type of class.

It is during this time period when dancers express a desire to go on pointe. At CBS, we assess each dancer’s readiness. Pointe work does not begin at a certain age or level, but rather when the dancer can be successful.

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