First Turns

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(Ages 3-6)

Dancers begin with a love of movement and music that can grow into dance. At this age, our experienced teachers are focusing on developing a child’s ability to take a group class, work together, and learn dance basics.

Your child’s classes are chosen based on a combination of age and technical ability. Even at three, young dancers are capable of learning correct terminology for ballet and tap, and they respond to a combination of creative movement and specific dance technique instruction.

We encourage all parents to watch their child’s class unless their presence disrupts the child’s learning process.

Please . . . change all clothing in our dressing room, and change shoes in the classroom rather than the hallway.

For specific information about classes and ages, please consult the studio handbook. Typically, students who are three and four are in Pre-ballet and Pre-tap; students who are five and six are in Primary level.

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